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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Makeup Tips for your Special Day

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life.
You want to look and feel your best on this day and for the rest of your life, in images captured through photos and video.
The best makeup will reflect that inner beauty...You want to look like yourself only better!

With these wedding day makeup tips, getting ready for your wedding day will be fun and stress free.

1. Book a professional make artist 6 months to a year in advance. Do your research…word of mouth is always wonderful. Make sure you check out the artist website…does the makeup reflect your personal style? Read the Bio…how many years experience does the artist have?
More importantly read customer reviews….this is the tell all in regards to service, artistry skills and communication. It is crucial your artist responds to all emails quickly…the last thing you need to worry about is if they are going  to show up on the wedding day!

2. Make sure you have your trial at least 3 weeks but no earlier than 3 months before your wedding. Your makeup artist should be happy to modify the look if you decide on something more dramatic or natural. During the makeup application make sure to have a mirror in hand…you want ensure things are going in the right direction. 

3. Bring photos to your makeup trial. Start by looking at images of makeup you like… make sure you have a similar skin tone to the image. If you have the skin color of Katy Perry then the makeup of Jlo won't translate very well on you.

4. Remember the makeup has to look good against the pale color of your dress. A neutral look may be washed out in photos so don't be afraid to add a pop of color to the cheeks and lips. It doesn't have to be bright. Try a lip shade that is 2 shades brighter than your lips, if you wear a dark shade then apply  2 shades lighter.  Soft peachy pinks and plums are perfect for the wedding day. 
 Take photos after the trial to see how it looks before you leave….the makeup artist should be happy to change the look and make sure you feel confident before leaving the trial. Don't leave unhappy…speak up! You are the one who has to wear the makeup so it needs to be perfect!

5. Preparing your skin will pay off on the big day…you will have a healthy natural glow when you walk down the isle. I recommend scheduling monthly facials  6 months prior to the wedding. Avoid treatments, peels, laser or micro-derm too close to the wedding day. You don't want to wait 2 weeks before just incase you have a reaction. Make sure brows are shaped nicely and well groomed.

6. Makeup doesn't have to be caked on in order for it to show up in photos…most wedding photos are taken in natural light so if you choose heavy matte base it will look obvious. Just make sure your skin is even tone and your t zone is matte. A little shimmer is beautiful on the cheek bones and inner corners of the eyes…Never in the Tzone. Don't just apply make to the face, Apply to the neck and over your shoulders. Add a shimmer or bronze lotion to the shoulders for a glow.

7. Prepare for touch ups on the wedding day. A lot of brides assume once the makeup is finished it will miraculously stay perfect all night. Not true…you will need to touch up in order to look your best.
You will need a lipstick and translucent powder. You want to look good for the reception and through out the evening so make sure to check in the mirror after the ceremony for a quick touch up. Most artists use a long wear or air brush makeup to ensure your skin looks radiant…..its in the brides best interest to maintain the gorgeous look they paid an artist to create. 

Photos above: Lara and Eric Trump on their wedding day.
Makeup by Amy Kennison