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Friday, December 11, 2015

Beauty has no time clock


 Beauty is a feeling on the inside, however that radiance is not always reflected on the outside. 
Stress, illness, just the world we live in can take its toll on our appearance. Looking good isn't about trying to look 20 years younger, its about being comfortable right where you are in the skin you are in. As a makeup artist Ive picked up a few tricks I would like to share...

Start with a well hydrated canvas. 
Drink plenty of water....its a good idea to drink a full glass of water as soon as your feet hit the floor every morning. While you sleep your body temperature rises and you can become dehydrated so rehydrate first thing!

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser, look for ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. I love to do a light facial massage to stimulate blood flow and plump my skin before  applying makeup!

Apply foundation, CC cream or tinted moisturizer. I recommend CC cream with anti aging benefits along with sunscreen built in. It really speeds up the process! The goal is to even out your skin using a sheer layer of makeup. This means applying makeup to areas of discoloration or redness. 

Apply a creamy concealer under the eyes, eyelids, around the nose, anywhere you have redness. Use your ring finger in a light patting pulling around the eye area. 
If you prefer to set makeup with powder go for a light mineral powder with less talc. Some Mineral powders have a line blurring effect which creates a soft glow. 

Apply blush a little higher than usual, right on the apples about 2 inches under the eye and a little closer to the nose. This is a mini face lift! If your skin is dry try a cream blush.

Eyes should be quick and easy. Use an off white shadow to brighten and a light taupe or beige in the crease. Cream shadows are quick, easy and more forgiving than powder shadows.
Apply a soft brown, gray or black kohl pencil to the upper lash line and smudge with a soft pencil brush. Fill in brows with a pencil or powder, use upward brush strokes then brush through the brow to soften and blend. 

Curl your lashes, apply a lash primer and mascara. Lash primer thickens and lengthens. As we age our lashes become thin, the primer has been a game changer for me and my clients. When your lashes look good you can wear less makeup.

Add a soft peach or coral lipstick or gloss and you are ready to go!

Model Betty Morrow Cocker
                                                          Makeup by
                                                          Photos by

Product Recommendations:
All Cereve cleansng products...can be purchased at drug stores
IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream
Clarins Instant Concealer
MAC mineralize skin finish natural ( mineral powder)
Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows
Cream blush Petunia by
Crosswise and lychee luxe lips
Lash primer and Sumptuous mascara
Brow wiz pencil

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Style me Pretty Engagement Session with Christine

I had an amazing time getting to know Christine!
She was easy going and a pleasure to work with....the moment she walked in for her trial I knew I had someone special in my chair:) She is the perfect combination of humility, beauty and grace with a little sassy humor!
She stayed in touch with me in months leading up to the wedding and even booked a makeup lesson. She also referred her mother in law to me for a lesson. I know we will stay in touch...and who knows maybe I will do her makeup for her baby shower!

Click on the link below to see her engagement session published in Style Me Pretty.

Garden Inspired Wedding

I am always excited to share published work...It takes lots of planning and amazing vendors for a successful wedding day!
Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day!
Congratulations Elizabeth and Tim.

Please Click  the Link below to view "Garden Inspired Wedding" in The Knot Bridal magazine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Makeup Tips for your Special Day

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life.
You want to look and feel your best on this day and for the rest of your life, in images captured through photos and video.
The best makeup will reflect that inner beauty...You want to look like yourself only better!

With these wedding day makeup tips, getting ready for your wedding day will be fun and stress free.

1. Book a professional make artist 6 months to a year in advance. Do your research…word of mouth is always wonderful. Make sure you check out the artist website…does the makeup reflect your personal style? Read the Bio…how many years experience does the artist have?
More importantly read customer reviews….this is the tell all in regards to service, artistry skills and communication. It is crucial your artist responds to all emails quickly…the last thing you need to worry about is if they are going  to show up on the wedding day!

2. Make sure you have your trial at least 3 weeks but no earlier than 3 months before your wedding. Your makeup artist should be happy to modify the look if you decide on something more dramatic or natural. During the makeup application make sure to have a mirror in hand…you want ensure things are going in the right direction. 

3. Bring photos to your makeup trial. Start by looking at images of makeup you like… make sure you have a similar skin tone to the image. If you have the skin color of Katy Perry then the makeup of Jlo won't translate very well on you.

4. Remember the makeup has to look good against the pale color of your dress. A neutral look may be washed out in photos so don't be afraid to add a pop of color to the cheeks and lips. It doesn't have to be bright. Try a lip shade that is 2 shades brighter than your lips, if you wear a dark shade then apply  2 shades lighter.  Soft peachy pinks and plums are perfect for the wedding day. 
 Take photos after the trial to see how it looks before you leave….the makeup artist should be happy to change the look and make sure you feel confident before leaving the trial. Don't leave unhappy…speak up! You are the one who has to wear the makeup so it needs to be perfect!

5. Preparing your skin will pay off on the big day…you will have a healthy natural glow when you walk down the isle. I recommend scheduling monthly facials  6 months prior to the wedding. Avoid treatments, peels, laser or micro-derm too close to the wedding day. You don't want to wait 2 weeks before just incase you have a reaction. Make sure brows are shaped nicely and well groomed.

6. Makeup doesn't have to be caked on in order for it to show up in photos…most wedding photos are taken in natural light so if you choose heavy matte base it will look obvious. Just make sure your skin is even tone and your t zone is matte. A little shimmer is beautiful on the cheek bones and inner corners of the eyes…Never in the Tzone. Don't just apply make to the face, Apply to the neck and over your shoulders. Add a shimmer or bronze lotion to the shoulders for a glow.

7. Prepare for touch ups on the wedding day. A lot of brides assume once the makeup is finished it will miraculously stay perfect all night. Not true…you will need to touch up in order to look your best.
You will need a lipstick and translucent powder. You want to look good for the reception and through out the evening so make sure to check in the mirror after the ceremony for a quick touch up. Most artists use a long wear or air brush makeup to ensure your skin looks radiant…..its in the brides best interest to maintain the gorgeous look they paid an artist to create. 

Photos above: Lara and Eric Trump on their wedding day.
Makeup by Amy Kennison  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Understanding Highlight & Contour

                                             How to Contour and Highlight for your Face Shape

Highlighting and contouring has been made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jlo.
The purpose is to create light and dark areas to sculpt and shape your face adding dimension for a beautiful symmetrical face. Symmetry is considered the ideal beauty. This technique may be used for photography or every day when modified.

Most celebrity artists like Mario Dedivanovic (Kim kardashians artist) use powders. I had the opportunity to attend his training class in NYC this past  December….he uses powders most of the time. Creams are more for stage makeup and photo shoots. The latest instagram youtube/craze
looks more like you could bake a cake with all of the product! That not a desired look so please proceed with caution when using the cream contour technique! I recommend following celebrity artists like Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury for more makeup tips and tricks.

Start by determining your face shape. Once you have done this begin prepping your skin with moisturizer and foundation using fingertips or a brush. Make sure to blend foundation down onto your neck. Your neck tends to be lighter than your face so this will ensure even coverage.

If you are using cream contour products (I recommend Smashbox Contour sticks) you will apply directly on top of foundation. Follow the guidelines above for placement then blend using a small buff or foundation brush. I like MAC 130 brush….make sure to use separate brushes for each color.
Once the highlight and contour are blended apply concealer under your eyes and powder to set.
Apply bronzer to the perimeter of face and blush to the apples of cheeks….add a shimmer highlight (MAC Becca Opal) above blush for moonlit glow!
You can always add more bronzer to the contoured areas for more dramatic effect. 

If you are using contour powder…apply foundation all over and set with a loose or pressed powder. Follow guidelines above for placement then blend using an angled blush brush( MAC 168 brush).
Apply blush to apples of the cheek.

Finally mist face all over with MAC Fix + Spray to add moisture and lock in (set) the powder products….this will give your makeup a skin like appearance creating a natural glow! Take a damp oval sponge or beauty blender and bounce or pat all over the face to pick up excess powder.

These are examples of natural contour/highlight using powder products. Perfect for daytime:)
Hannah Jelinovic is a local model signed with Directions USA and Wilhelmina modeling agency….I am fortunate to work with such talent!

Photos by the Amazing Mira Adwell!
Feel free to contact me to schedule a private makeup lesson 

Get the look:
Makeup Forever HD foundation
MAC Mineralize powder
Smashbox Contour powders
MAC 168 angled contour brush
MAC Buff blush
Becca Opal shimmer powder

Cream contour:
Smashbox contour sticks
MAC Brush 130 to blend

Toofaced Natural eyeshadow Palet
Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner
Loreal Voluminous mascara
Anastasia Clear Brow gel

Rosebud Salve lip conditioner
MAC Spice lip pencil
MAC Cherish lipstick

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Fresh Looks

 When it comes to Makeup there will always be the next best trend and those trends recycle every few years. I decided to share 2 soft looks that will brighten any skin tone using soft pinks and peaches.
Lips are a bit more sheer and glossy...eyes are pastel with a darker chocolate edge liner.

I create something I call a halo around the eye using a soft pink or peach eyeshadow and pencil brush.
This really helps to buff and smooth out the darker crease and liner shades. Its not so harsh and can be created with or without eyeliner.

To create this look I applied pink shadow on the lid and used a light brown crease.
I then added a dark bronze liner and smudged all way around the eye with a pencil brush. To add the "halo" effect use a soft pink shadow to smudge the dark liner... just around the edges. 
Finally, try a pearl shimmer on inner corners for a Moonlit Glow.
I used an off-white eyeliner pencil on the water line to brighten and whiten her eyes.
Springtime allergies can really cause red eyes so this trick will come in handy!

Her cheeks are dusted with a soft bubblegum pink blush and contoured with matte bronzer.
Add a shimmer powder above blush for more of a Glow! Lips are prepped with lip conditioner and filled in with a pink gloss.


Ebryolisse Cream
Lancome Tient Miracle Foundation
MAC Mineralize Skin finish Powder
TooFaced Chocolate Bronzer
MAC Pink Swoon Blush 
Becca Opal Shimmer

Lancome Sienna Sultry Palet
Urban Decay Liner Bourbon and Demolition Eyeliner

Rosebud Salve lip Conditioner
NYX Sand Pink Liner
NYX Eclair Gloss

I really love this smokey peach on the eyes!
I used a soft pearl shimmer on inner corners and under brow bone, then applied peach shadow on the lid. The crease is a dark chocolate brown applied on outer edge only and blended using a tapered fluff brush.  Blending is the key to the halo affect!
You should never see where one color stops and another starts.
I lined her eyes with a dark brown pencil on the waterline and smudged in-between her lashes….I then went over the liner with a deep bronze shadow using a pencil brush to smudge even more. Finally, smudge peach shadow on edges of dark brown liner to soften.

Her cheeks are dusted with a matte peach blush and matte bronzer.
Add a shimmer powder above the blush for more of a glow!
Lips are prepped with lip conditioner then filled in with peach lipstick and nude gloss.


Repeat same steps Above to create flawless skin

Lancome Coral Crush Shadow Palet
Urban Decay bourbon and demolition Liner

Rosebud salve
MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick
MAC Wildly Lush plushglass